As part of the WBCSD Global Network, we are developing a New Zealand approach to Action2020 – a platform for sustainability action created by WBCSD and its member companies.

It's the roadmap for how business can positively influence environmental and social trends while strengthening their own resilience to issues like climate change, demographic dynamics and skills shortages.

Led by the WBCSD, its member companies and in partnership with the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the World Resources Institute, the Action2020 model identifies Priority Areas – the most important natural and social capital issues that must be addressed to achieve the sustainable future laid out in Vision 2050 – and Business Solutions, which are impactful, measurable, scalable, replicable and beyond business-as-usual.

The 2011 SBC Future Leaders' Programme worked together to publish the New Zealand Vision 2050 report. This project involved over 30 participants from SBC member companies collaborating to define broad sustainability goals to be reached by 2050 in a New Zealand context. Critical pathways such as energy, marine and tourism were developed, with a Vision 2050 mural drawn up to help visually represent this.

The Vision 2050: New Zealand Edition report findings have helped guide our projects and areas of core focus. The SBC will develop Action 2020 business solutions for the New Zealand business sector throughout 2016.