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Jacqueline Robertson

Partner, Deloitte

Jacqueline Robertson

I am Partner in Deloitte, based in Wellington with over 21 years experience in assurance services relating to financial and non financial information. My client base ranges from large corporates to public sector and not for profits which gives me a broad appreciation of the issues facing a cross section of NZ organisations.

I currently lead Deloitte New Zealand sustainability assurance and advisory practice and have been involved in providing sustainability assurance and advisory services for over 8 years. 

I have expertise in carbon measurement and reporting, having provided advice to MfE on the establishment of the carbon neutral public service, advised and provided assurance to clients and the EPA on ETS obligations, and provided assurance to a number of clients using the GHG protocol to measure corporate emissions. I was also one of the first verifiers under the carboNZero programme.

More broadly I have been working with clients on corporate sustainability reporting using both the GRI and the IIRC guidance. My focus is on emphasising the report as an end product of good underlying corporate sustainability strategies that are embedded in business as usual.

I am passionate about business, the public sector and NGOs working together to develop common sense approaches to economic development that do not deplete our natural resources or create social injustice. 

Outside of my day job my passion is circus. Both training on tissu and as a Board member of the Wellington Circus Trust. I am also busy with a young chocolate lab who is far too cute, my partner Ash and his teenage daughter. Originally from Scotland I have never looked back after moving to NZ nearly 20 years ago. I consider myself very lucky to live in such a beautiful country.