Marjan van den Belt

Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability), Victoria University of Wellington

Marjan van den Belt

Marjan van den Belt grew up in the Netherlands, and gained a Masters in Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1991. She worked on Environmental Management Systems in Stockholm, Sweden until 1996 and earned a PhD in Marine, Estuarine Environmental Sciences from the University of Maryland, USA in 2000. As an Ecological Economist in the capacity of researcher, teacher, consultant and entrepreneur, Marjan is an effective 'facilitator of complex dialogues'. 

Marjan arrived in New Zealand in 2009 as Associate Professor/Director of Ecological Economics New Zealand at Massey University in Palmerston North and provided science leadership for MBIE funded projects on integrated solutions for freshwater and urban sustainability. She is an expert on Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services and has worked with iwi on Social Ecological Entrepreneurship.

Marjan's experience that supports the SBC Advisory Board member role includes: 

  • Strategy advisor to a sustainability-oriented Hedge Fund in the Netherlands 
  • Selected member on the Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)
  • Member on the Science Advisory Group for Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Board member on the NZ Global Studies Trust

Marjan is excited about the opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of future-proofing businesses, because they are an engine behind solutions for urgent sustainability challenges. The path ahead involves co-evolution and genuine reflection on business models, partnerships and leadership. Tertiary education plays a crucial role in developing 'sustain-ability' skills for today's and the next generation of businesses. 

Marjan's reputation is built on broad based knowledge, systems thinking, a can-do attitude and visionary leadership.