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Richard Gordon

CEO, Landcare Research

Richard Gordon

I am happy to serve on the Exco and bring both a link to the science sector in New Zealand and 12 years of personal experience in working with organisations to implement corporate and national sustainability.

The SBC has a great opportunity to catalyse the role that New Zealand businesses can play in this country's identity and prosperity. As a Crown Research Institute CEO I will help connect the ExCo to the considerable resources of the CRIs and universities where there is massive potential for innovation through partnership with sustainable businesses.

As the former leader of Landcare Research's sustainable business group I have the experience of establishing the carboNZero and EnviroMark programmes in 2002 and project-leading our corporate sustainability reporting.

I was an elected member of the first Stakeholder Council of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). I have been fortunate to serve under former founding NZBCSD Exco member, Andy Pearce, and previous Exco member Warren Parker; and I now lead an organisation of 400 staff dedicated to sustainability, green growth and their central role in New Zealand's future.

We've worked closely with Business NZ on the sustainable business and major companies groups and provided facilitation for the Vision2050 project.

I joined Landcare Research in 1995 after 12 years with ICI Agrochemicals in the UK, ICI Japan and Zeneca (now Syngenta). I am based in Christchurch.