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The SBC represents...

SBC Fast Facts

The Sustainable Business Council helps businesses be the best for New Zealand and the world

We inspire members to go further on sustainability, by understanding their needs, celebrating their successes and making it fun. 

We provide a platform for collaborating on business solutions and enable our members to be leaders in sustainable practice. 

We do this because businesses can only be successful in the long term when people live well and within the limits of the planet.

We are a Global Network Partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Our members share a commitment to the balanced pursuit of economic growth, ecological integrity and social progress. Each member is asked to fulfil member commitments and adhere to the SBC Statement of Principles on Sustainable Development.We review their performance every two years.

Our work programme is based on five priority areas: Sustainable Leadership, Climate & Resources, Ecosystem Health, Social Impact and Consumer Decision-Making. Members collaborate on projects in each of these areas, developing reports and guides to bolster understanding of the sustainability issues affecting them and creating a roadmap for action.

We contribute our knowledge and experience into policy development relevant to sustainable development, ignite interest in sustainability among the wider business community and make an impact across our five priority areas. See our 2015-2020 Strategy for more details.

Events are held throughout the year to present key outcomes and showcase leading sustainability practices.