Brilliant Basics: Materiality - Auckland

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  Tuesday 28 Feb 2017
  10am to 11am
  EY Building Takatui Square, Britomart, Auckland

Businesses starting their sustainability journey often ask us where they should start, what they should prioritise and where they should focus; a materiality process answers those questions.

But what exactly is materiality? How do we decide what is material to your business and to your stakeholders? What material issues do you report on, and what do you leave out?

We'll answer these questions, and more, in our first Brilliant Basics session, to be co-hosted by SBC and EY straight after Dr Matthew Bell's talk on megatrends.

We'll present the materiality basics that apply to all businesses and provide examples from the SBC membership of what good materiality looks like.

This will be a great opportunity to get an overview on materiality and talk to other members about your approach to it.

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This event if for SBC members only.