Ecosystem Health

The health of our ecosystems underpins all aspects of New Zealand's economy.

SBC works with businesses to help them understand their dependencies and impacts on ecosystems and how this affects their business strategy and resource use.

SBC members work together on projects that help them integrate a 'natural capital approach' into business management. SBC supports this by brokering partnerships between business and government on biodiversity and ecosystem issues.

Natural Capital Approach

The 2013/2014 Valuing Nature Conference helped put natural capital on the national agenda.

A number of SBC member companies, including Moana New Zealand, Contact Energy, Fonterra and AECOM, have trialled the Ecosystems Services Review (ESR) tool which has demonstrated the value of this early approach.

In July 2016, the Natural Capital Protocol was released, and is being used worldwide. New Zealand's businesses rely heavily on natural capital, and are looking to better understand their impacts and dependencies on natural capital. The Natural Capital Protocol provides an opportunity for NZ businesses to do this.

On 15 September 2016, the SBC held a workshop on the use of the Natural Capital Protocol. The workshop was attended by around 45 people representing 30 of SBC's membership. You can see a summary of the workshop and presentations here.

The following SBC guides help explain the concepts of natural capital and ecosystem services and why these are important for business.

To find out more, please contact SBC Ecosystem Health Project Manager Mark Christensen

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