Dr Lee Bint

Sustainable Building Scientist, BRANZ

Lee Bint

I am a New Zealand leader in building water efficiency. My doctoral studies started me on this journey in 2012, where I also joined the business and entrepreneurial community commercialising my PhD research.

My professional research in rainwater and greywater feasibility has also significantly contributed to my expertise in buildings and water. My belief in collaborative input means that I incorporate an industry advisory panel into all the projects I manage. This is used to ensure industry needs are captured and outputs are tested before dissemination to industry.

In addition to this, I have built a national profile through improving career pathway information. As an individual continuation to the 2013 FLP, I have been mapping career pathways for the construction and infrastructure industry. This is now in the development phase, with multiple partners, notably Careers New Zealand and the Ministry of Education.

As a FLA representative, my research background provides me with the skills to offer management, objectivity and key messaging to represent your perspectives collectively to the SBC Advisory Board and beyond.

Collaboration is a huge agenda item across the business and research community, and NZ Inc. in general. I feel I can also represent the FLA to keep you engaged (either passively or actively) through my own personal drive for success and inspiring others to grow.