Sustainable Leadership

An important part of sustainable leadership is being aware of changing best practice and ensuring the company embeds it within its strategy and operations.

The Business Case for Sustainability

Leading New Zealand businesses put sustainability at their core, to reduce costs, minimise risk, build trust and drive growth.

Our focus on Sustainable Leadership follows our SBC Social Licence to Operate work. Projects in this priority area include:

Future Leaders Programme

The Future Leaders Programme aims to develop future business leaders, who understand sustainability challenges within their companies and wider society.

The 2017 Future Leaders Programme is focused on the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, and how they can be integrated into company strategies and actions. Read more here.

SBC is focused on fostering great leaders who take action and increase their influence amongst peers, suppliers and customers. We are also encouraging leaders to work together, to make ambitious commitments that will limit global warming.

Mainstreaming Sustainability

The Mainstreaming Sustainability project is looking at how sustainable business practice can be better valued and adopted by business.

SBC is investigating what role directors can play in integrating sustainable business practices into company strategies and operations. It is also researching leading sustainable companies here and overseas, to make sure its members goals and actions are forward-thinking, engaging and ingrained.

SBC also celebrates its members' adoption of sustainable business practices, with special mentions in its website, editorials and social media, as well as during events and media interviews.

Insights from all of this work is being developed into a paper, which will showcase an updated business case for sustainability.

SBC and BusinessNZ are working together to develop and test a mainstreaming model.

Leadership for Sustainable Value course

Our Leadership for Sustainable Value course is for members already in a leadership role. It enables them to advance the sustainability agenda within their organisations. The course is delivered in a series of workshops over 12 months. Participants work through challenges and approaches to building sustainability into core business strategy and governance. They learn how to "tell the sustainability story".

Participating members