Sustainable Leadership

An important part of sustainable leadership is being aware of changing best practice and the many ways to integrate it into your business.

Our focus on Sustainable Leadership follows on from the SBC Social Licence to Operate work in 2013-14. Projects in this priority area include:

Leadership for Sustainable Value course

Our Leadership for Sustainable Value course is for members already in a leadership role which enables them to advance the sustainability agenda for their organisations. It will be delivered as a series of workshops throughout 2015. Participants will work through challenges and approaches to building sustainability into core business strategy, governance and "telling the sustainability story".

The Business Case for Sustainability

Leading New Zealand businesses put sustainability at their core to reduce costs, minimise risk, build trust and drive growth.


Mainstreaming Sustainability

Mainstreaming Sustainability will look at how sustainable business practice can be better valued and adopted by business.

SBC members will investigate what leading companies are doing to ensure sustainable thinking remains fresh, engaging and ingrained in business practice over the longer term.

The findings from this work will be developed into a paper to showcase the updated business case for sustainability. The SBC and BusinessNZ will work together to develop and test a mainstreaming model.

Participating members