About Us

The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) is a CEO-led membership organisation with over 100 businesses from all sectors, ambitious for a sustainable New Zealand. Our members represent $87 billion of collective turnover, 28% of GDP, and nearly 160,000 full-time jobs. Our network gives our members unparalleled influence and the ability to take large-scale collective action.

Our businesses believe that we have an opportunity to set New Zealand on the path towards an exciting future, which is prosperous, sustainable, regenerative, zero carbon1, and where all New Zealanders thrive. Businesses at the forefront of sustainability are embracing responsible practice, resilience, and regeneration. The regenerative approach aims to enhance the environment and restore the relationship between people and nature.

We have before us a brief window of opportunity to address both the economic crisis and the looming climate crisis. This will take courage, vision, and tenacity.

The intent behind this strategy is to rise to the challenge of our times. It responds to the loud call from our membership for the leadership and collective action that will be necessary to ensure we reset our economy and build back better.

1. We use the term ‘zero carbon’ as it is used in the Zero Carbon Act to mean all domestic greenhouse gas emissions including biogenic methane.