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Gareth Marriott

Managing Director OCS ANZ

Gareth Marriott

Australian by birth but a New Zealander by nature, Gareth Marriott has an executive management and professional services career that has spanned more than 25 years in numerous countries.

Gareth holds several executive roles within the international OCS Group, including Managing Director OCS ANZ.

He is an energetic and inspirational leader who actively engages with people and teams at all levels. Thanks to a professional sporting career, Gareth thrives in a competitive and challenging environment and is an incisive thinker and problem-solver.

Gareth is recognised for his high standards and attention to detail and prides himself on being results-driven. This includes the need for demonstrable progress, not just lip service, when it comes to environmental and sustainability issues.

Under his leadership, OCS are signatories to the Climate Leaders’ Coalition Council. Gareth’s efforts have seen OCS New Zealand develop and implement its second Sustainability Report in 2017, with the goal of becoming the most sustainable business in the New Zealand cleaning sector in 2020. The 2018 report will include the Australian business.

As one of the biggest private employers in New Zealand with more than 4000 staff, OCS is committed to ensuring its operating model minimises the impact it has on the environment, its communities, staff and their families – an effort that is spearheaded by Gareth and his leadership team.

As part of this holistic worldview, Gareth has been instrumental in some important social initiatives: as well as significant ongoing support of The Salvation Army in both Australia and New Zealand, Gareth has showed his personal commitment by sleeping rough as part of the 14 Hours Homeless appeal.

As part of its commitment to staff, OCS in New Zealand provides OCS First Foundation Scholarships to promising young people in the broader OCS whanau. The First Foundation scholars - often children or grandchildren of team members - are assisted financially, but also gain holiday work within the organisation, and access to top-quality on-going mentorship with senior businesspeople outside of OCS.

Gareth is a firm believer that sustainable development is an ongoing process, which requires the same level of focus and importance as a company’s financial objectives, in order to ensure long-term sustainability for future generations.