SBC Member Commitments

A member must seek to actively demonstrate leadership in sustainable business and share a commitment to the balanced pursuit of economic growth, ecological integrity and social progress.

We ask members to support the work of the SBC through making available in-house competence and human resources and committing to:

From the start of membership

  • Each year, provide SBC with a summary on that member’s progress in implementing sustainable business practices, if not already reporting publicly on sustainability.
  • Respond to any reasonable and relevant request for information from the Advisory Board that is not commercially sensitive.
  • Have the Council Member (who is the CEO or their direct report) attend at least one SBC meeting or event each year.

Within two years of membership

  • Participate in at least one SBC initiative or project.
  • Produce a sustainability report, integrated report or public account demonstrating sustainability activity, plans and performance.
  • Begin to measure the carbon footprint of its New Zealand operations, and report progress on this to the SBC.

Within three years of membership

  • Report to the SBC on plans to reduce the carbon intensity of its New Zealand operations.
  • Report to the SBC on the organisation’s sustainable procurement practices and processes.

These commitments are important because they set clear goals for each member to aim for if they want to become more sustainable and they also help SBC members collectively demonstrate what sustainability best practice is to the New Zealand business sector.

The Sustainable Business Council reserves the right to exit a member if they continually fail to meet these member commitments, and show no intention to meet them within a reasonable time.