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Certified Energy

New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS)

Certified Energy

By supporting renewable energy, businesses can contribute to a low-carbon future for New Zealand.

  • Achieve your carbon reduction targets
  • Support sustainable energy generation
  • Build consumer awareness and trust

The New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS), managed by Certified Energy, issues certificates for electricity currently generated in New Zealand, reflecting whether it is 100% renewable, zero carbon, or has other sustainable attributes such as locally-generated.

While the New Zealand electricity network does a great job of getting you power when you need it, it can’t tell you where that power has come from.

Using the NZECS, generators can issue certificates and provide them to consumers – directly or via their retailer. The certificates represent units of generation, often 100% renewable or zero carbon, or from a local generation source. The consumer can then match these certificates against the electricity they use, in order to report their energy consumption.

The NZECS makes sure that the units are described correctly and are only counted once.

Certified Energy is recognised by the RE100 group as a way for companies to achieve their renewable electricity procurement goals.

Energy certificates can show your support for energy generation that reflects what you value, whether it is 100% renewable generation, zero carbon generation, or community projects with other environmental or social benefits.

Our Sustainability Goals

Our business has sustainable principles embedded. We work remotely as much as possible to reduce travel emissions, and offset the ones that we cannot avoid. We ask our suppliers to provide evidence of their sustainable practices. We support diversity and inclusion initiatives and seek to work with projects that help achieve the Treaty of Waitangi principles.

We work with other organisations in order to achieve system change in the form of reduced carbon emissions, and are open to collaborating with other like-minded organisations.

Tim Middlehurst, Chief Executive

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