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Flick Electric Co.

Flick Electric Co

At the heart of our model is the desire to put New Zealanders in control of how they use electricity. Our tools, coupled with access to spot market pricing, empower and incentivise Flicksters to change how much electricity they use and when they use it.

When we push the electricity system to cater to peak loads in the morning and early evening, we're putting pressure on our precious infrastructure. By encouraging people to change when they use power, we can relieve this pressure and reduce our environmental impact.

Changes in our behaviour mean our renewable generation assets can better cater to demand, reducing the need to supplement the market with fossil fuels. We feel so strongly about this, that we've developed Choice, an app that educates all New Zealanders about which fuels are in the electricity mix at any given time, and the carbon impact. By showing kiwis how their electricity is generated, we're empowering them to make an informed choice that can save money, and the environment.  

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint too, so we've taken on the challenge of carboNZero certification for our business. The certification gives us an understanding of our business's impact on climate change and makes us accountable for reducing our emissions.

The Flick model also paves the way for the adoption of new, energy efficient, smart technologies such as electric cars and home automation. For example by giving consumers access to low, overnight, wholesale spot prices the financial upside of electric car ownership is more pronounced with Flick than with traditional retailers.

We are proud to be carving out a new energy future for New Zealand.