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At Kiwibank we're about more than dollars and cents. We are passionate about creating a sustainable future for our customers, communities and the environment that we have in New Zealand. We do this across four key pillars - climate change, financial wellbeing, being inclusive, and running our business responsibly.

Climate Change: We’re committed to reducing our own carbon emissions by 30% and working with our customers to help them understand the risks and opportunities that climate change presents all of New Zealand.

We know that climate change is going to impact the physical environment around us, through increased weather events like storms, drought, high winds and sea level rise. As a bank that is focused on supporting people into homes and helping small to medium sized businesses thrive, a key consideration for us is what impact coastal flooding will have for our customers.

We’ve also committed to report in line with the Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures over the next 12 months. As a first step towards this we're working with NIWA to gain better information on coastal flooding and will use this information to have better conversations with our customers, and New Zealand on how we're all going to address this collective challenge.

Our Sustainable Energy Loans are available for home loan customers who want to install solar panels on their home.

Building capability: We're committed to supporting our customers and the communities where we operate to improve their financial capability. We do this through our amazing partnerships, as well as how we design our products and services.

We've partnered with Banqer so we can get its financial capability tool into as many Kiwi schools as possible. Co-founded by local entrepreneur Kendall Flutey, Banqer is an online tool used in classrooms to create a complex and realistic virtual economy that students use on a day-to-day basis that inspires students to be curious, creative, and confident with money.

We know payday loans and other short-term, high-interest loans can put low-income or unemployed Kiwis on a downward debt spiral. We want to help provide responsible lending alternatives to Kiwis in need, so we partner with Ngā Tāngata Microfinance Trust and Aviva, who provide fee-free and interest-free microfinance loans.

Being inclusive: We want to uplift the wellbeing of our people and our suppliers. We have a range of programmes in place that are designed to do this, from championing a diverse and inclusive workforce to ensuring our people and key suppliers are paid living wage.

Responsible Business Banking Policy: We're putting the interests and values of Kiwis ahead of short-term business considerations. This policy outlines our commitment to protecting the best interests of New Zealanders and the environment.