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Moana New Zealand

Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd

Moana New Zealand (formerly Aotearoa Fisheries Limited) is the largest Māori-owned fisheries company in Aotearoa / New Zealand. Our vision is to be the key investment vehicle of choice for Iwi in the fishing industry, to maximise the value of Maori fisheries assets and to ensure that we are a strong seafood business delivering growth in shareholder wealth to Iwi.

Moana New Zealand employs almost 400 people directly and indirectly contributes to the employment of hundreds more – on fishing boats, in processing plants, in supporting industries (transport, distribution, sales and marketing).

Operations include four divisions; inshore, aquaculture, prepared foods, paua and a 50% shareholding in Sealord Group Limited.

Moana New Zealand control shares are held by Te Ohu Kaimoana, a body established by the government to protect Maori interest in the marine environment. Moana New Zealand is governed by the Moana New Zealand Board.

The values of Moana New Zealand underpin everything we do. These are Kaitiakitanga (custodians for our future generations), manaakitanga (looking after people our way), whakapapa (our genealogy – where we are form) and whakatipuranga (prosperity for future generations).

As a wholly owned Maori company, we are committed to protecting the realm of Tangaroa and its resources. Equally, we exist to provide prosperity for this and future generations.

While there are many projects and activities that we have and continue to undertake, we recognise the need to formalise our approach to sustainability. For Moana New Zealand, this is very much a journey. We do not claim to have all the answers immediately and it will be a journey that will evolve and grow over time.

Our vision in respect to sustainability is to become the global leader in sustainable fisheries management and development, demonstrating to all stakeholders including our customers, iwi shareholders, the general public and the government excellence in managing the resource entrusted to our care and strengthening it for future generations.To steer our sustainability waka, Moana New Zealand has adopted six guiding principles:

  • Long term, profitable development of high quality product.
  • Products are sourced from healthy, well-managed wild capture and aquaculture production systems.
  • Wild capture fisheries and aquaculture must maintain and where necessary restore the biological diversity of ecosystems and our people. They are after all inextricably linked.
  • Production and processing of seafood from all sources will, as a minimum, comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including best practice labour standards and environmental management.
  • Seafood production systems should be managed in collaboration with other responsible users of the marine environment.
  • Excellence will be maintained throughout the channel to market to ensure sustainably fished, responsibly processed branded product is delivered to customers in optimum condition for their enjoyment.

To steer the waka steadily on this course, Moana New Zealand will:

  • be a leader in an indigenous, integrated, sustainable seafood business.
  • engage Iwi, staff, our stakeholder communities and others, such as expert advisers to ensure the maximum uptake and support for this tikanga.
  • develop metrics to manage our journey, self-assess and continuously improve.
  • be accountable by communicating our journey, simply to start with, and in an increasingly sophisticated manner through developing best practice corporate reporting that integrates sustainability and business financial reporting.

Volker Kuntzsch (CEO, Sanford Ltd) and Carl Carrington (CEO, Moana New Zealand) talk about their collaborative work, how this benefits their businesses and the New Zealand seafood sector.