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Quadrent started in 2002 with the desire to rise above an industry that suffered from a lack of trust.

A privately owned New Zealand business, we provide technology equipment leasing, asset management and lease compliance services to many of New Zealand’s largest organisations.

Ultimately, our purpose is to help our customers grow better, helping them be smarter with their balance sheet by providing tools to manage their assets simply and more sustainably. To do this, we have enhanced our core leasing service to repurpose and extend the useful life of assets, with the goal to significantly reduce the level of e-waste produced by New Zealand’s largest private and public organisations. Our commitment to sustainability will help our customers to measure their environmental impact, improve outcomes and expand the value of their social contribution.

This is achieved through our four key service offerings that form a sustainable leasing lifecycle:

  • Leasing and finance - helping our customers to access and use the world’s best technology.
  • Asset management - helping our customers manage the full lifecycle of their assets including procuring only what is needed. Repurposing, refurbishing, recycling what is not needed, and ensuring disposal is managed responsibly i.e., both securely and environmentally.
  • Lease analytics benchmarking - helping our customers financially benchmark themselves against the market.
  • Lease compliance and reporting - helping our customers comply with their lease accounting, financial and ESG reporting requirements.

For all of us at Quadrent, everything starts with our core values of knowledge, commitment, personality, and quality. These values aren’t just a set of random words we’ve made up for our website they are what makes us different. Together these represent four cornerstones against which we hold ourselves and each other accountable to build trusted, long-lasting relationships.

Despite significant change since we started our aim has always been to be: different, simpler, and better.