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Tech Futures Lab

Tech Futures Lab

Creating a sustainable future needs new ideas, new ways of thinking about how we live, the goods we buy and the way we do business.

That's where Tech Futures Lab comes in.

We help people and organisations navigate our fast-changing world, with innovative, future-focused graduate education programmes and strategic support.

We're all about the human angle in this era of massive technological change. 
How can we leverage our human potential for positive impact? 
How do we need to think and work differently to address the massive social, economic and environmental challenges our world is facing? 
How do we break away from outdated, legacy ways of doing and forge new, collaborative, regenerative practices for Team Human?

There are new generations rising who expect businesses to do better for our planet - in the way they operate internally and through the products and services they provide.
Tech Futures Lab gives people and organisations access to the tools, knowledge and networks needed to rise to that challenge and drive change.
Systems thinking; design thinking; the circular economy; the sharing economy; new business platforms; new materials, tech and processes all have a part to play.
Tech Futures Lab brings these together in a unique, research-led learning environment to generate exciting ideas and help turn them into awesome realities. 

We are committed to making a difference for careers, for organisations, for society, for the world.