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Upparel NZ Ltd


Upparel NZ Ltd is the newly formed sister company of Australia’s only direct-to-consumer and commercial textile recovery and recycler, Upparel Like our sister company, we provide digital and offline circular economy solutions to reduce landfill and extend textile lifecycles.

A Certified B Corp, in 2020, Upparel was awarded the National Sustainability Champion award by the Australian Retail Association.

Our non-chemical process upcycles textile waste converting what would be deemed end-of-life textile waste into a profitable and sustainable resource.   The downstream benefit is that we are able to replace consumer and commercial products that have traditionally been made from virgin non-sustainable materials, such as polystyrene, fibreglass and cellulose.

100% of what we receive is fully traceable and retained within the Upparel company with nothing sent to landfill, either in New Zealand or overseas. Here at UPPAREL, we sort through thousands of products every single day to reuse & UPcycle where possible. The aim is simple: extend product life and redirect textiles from landfill.

To date, Upparel (AU) has collected and diverted over 5 million items from landfill  and prevented over 2.5 million kgs of greenhouse gases from polluting the air we breathe by giving new life through its initiatives:

  • Recycle: ‘fit for wear’ or recyclable items are given a second life through Upparel’s social enterprise program.
  • Repurpose: Textiles are washed, shredded, transformed into a non-woven felt material and cut to size, laminated or finished with an outer fabric covering into 100% recycled products, such as homewares, furniture and construction items, including the world’s first 100% recycled kids’ sofa, FlipUP™.

We have been able to prove that sustainability truly equals success and have shown the textile industry that there is now a solution.

The time is now to be a part of making a change and creating a better world for future generations.

Step-UP and make a positive change - with UPPAREL!