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Air New Zealand

Sustainability is the raison d'être for Agrecovery. As an Industry owned initiative, our purpose is to promote and enable sound waste management practices and product stewardship for the primary sector. Our vision is for New Zealand to be recognised as a global leader in sustainable farm waste management.

Our current focus is to provide a product stewardship scheme for agrichemicals. As part of this, we collect and recycle over 400 tonnes of HDPE packaging per annum. This is then recycled into new products within New Zealand. We also collect unwanted and obsolete agrichemicals.

We have recycled over 2,500 tonnes of plastic packaging which might otherwise have been burnt, buried, stored, or ended up in landfills around the country. We have also collected and disposed of over 110 tonnes of unwanted agrichemicals.  

Over 70 manufacturers voluntarily pay a levy to ensure the sustainable end-of-life management of their products and packaging.

We are now seeking to grow and further support positive waste management practices and product stewardship programmes for other persistent inorganic waste in the primary industries.