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EECA Business

  SBC Associate Member

EECA works to make New Zealand a better place to live – economically, environmentally and socially – through the better use of energy.

In business, EECA's long-term aim is for a more efficient, competitive and lower carbon business sector. The business sector in New Zealand spends $8.4 billion per annum on energy. Energy use by businesses (excluding transport) accounts for about 50% of New Zealand's total energy use, and more than 40% of New Zealand's energy-related CO2 emissions.

EECA estimates that, on average, businesses can cost-effectively reduce energy use by up to 20% every year through technology upgrades and energy management improvement.

EECA works across the business market, either directly through our account managers, indirectly through our Programme Partners, through business associations or through our website.

We support energy management work by providing compelling information to decision-makers showing that investing in energy efficiency makes good business sense. The tools we use include energy audits, monitoring and targeting and energy management planning, along with advice on engaging staff, training and business case development.

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