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Hiringa Energy Limited

  SBC Associate Member
Hiringa Energy Limited

Our mission at Hiringa Energy is to supply New Zealand with green zero emission hydrogen.

We are a New Zealand company formed by a team of experienced energy industry professionals with senior leadership, management, technical and operations experience within the energy sector, and hydrogen technical expertise.

New Zealand needs mass-market, clean energy solutions for transport, industry, energy storage, heat and power. Hydrogen is part of that solution and Hiringa Energy is the first company in New Zealand dedicated to the supply of green hydrogen by providing solutions for industry, the public sector, and transport operators.

What are we doing?

Developing Refuelling Infrastructure
We are developing and building green hydrogen supply infrastructure and a nationwide refuelling network to enable the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by the commercial and heavy transport sectors.

Making Clean Hydrogen
Hiringa Energy is developing hydrogen production projects using the electrolysis of water. Hiringa is also developing new renewable electricity generation for green hydrogen that can displace the use of fossil fuels for transport and industrial feedstock.

Facilitating Transport Market Use of H2
Hiringa Energy is working with global fuel cell and vehicle manufacturers and New Zealand’s largest freight and logistics companies to bring hydrogen fuel cell technology to New Zealand.