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Waikato Regional Council

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Waikato Regional Council

The Waikato Regional Council is a local government body. We help communities, industry and other groups in New Zealand's Waikato region to live and work with natural resources.

Our activities help look after our region's water, soil, air, geothermal areas and coasts - so we can all enjoy these precious resources for generations to come.

The people of the Waikato region are represented by 14 elected council members. These representatives work in committees and make decisions and/or recommendations on a variety of matters which are then reported to or decided on by the full council once a month.

Waikato Regional Council's five priority areas in our 2013-16 Strategic Direction are:

  • land and water
  • coastal and marine
  • regional development
  • iwi Māori co-governance
  • community partnerships.

Our work and functions include:

  • regional planning and leadership
  • regional civil defence
  • regional land transport
  • managing the effects of activities on air, soil, coastal and water resources
  • regional research and investigation
  • flood control and drainage
  • animal and plant pest control
  • environmental education.

Our vision is 'Competing Globally, Caring Locally'

Our Mission is to 'work with others to build a Waikato that has a healthy environment, a strong economy and vibrant communities'.