SBC Brilliant Basics webinar: Reporting

  Thursday 25 Oct 2018
  10am to 11am

SBC members are invited to join SBC’s Robert Perry and Alison Herft, with Calum Revfem (Proxima) and Gerri Ward (Z Energy) for a webinar on the basics of good reporting - Why do people report and what do they report on? Which frameworks do you use? What are the emerging reporting practices and trends?

Co-presenter Calum Revfem (Proxima) will present:

  • The who, what, where, when and how of good sustainability reporting
  • Myth busting of sustainability reporting
  • Which tools and frameworks to use and how do they fit
  • Which reporting channels and formats work best

Co-presenter Gerri Ward (Z Energy) will talk about the evolution of Z Energy’s sustainability reporting, why they chose the methods (GRI and Integrated Reporting) they did, and the associated business benefits.

SBC's Alison Herft will share insights, trends and examples of how other SBC members are approaching reporting followed by Q&A time.