Sustainable Procurement Workshop

  Tuesday 27 Nov 2018
  10am to 12am

We invite SBC members to join us for a workshop on how and where sustainability fits into the procurement process, and how to tackle challenges.

We're delighted to have Kiri Hannifin, General Manager, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability (Countdown) speaking in Auckland and Christchurch, and Matt Parsons, Procurement Team Manager (New Zealand Post) presenting in Wellington. They'll share their knowledge and experience of sustainable procurement and their organisations' strategy and approach.

You'll also hear about how to get started and the tools and frameworks businesses can use. And we'll talk about emerging issues in this area, including plastics and packaging, emissions, and labour rights.

Attendees will have the opportunity to share stories with other members about challenges they're currently facing and success they have achieved in this area.

This workshop is ideal for the sustainability manager and procurement manager - or those with sustainability or procurement responsibilities - from the same company to attend together.

Auckland 27th November 10-12
Christchurch 28th November 10-12 
Wellington 29th November 9-11:30

Invitations will be sent to SBC members soon.