Brilliant Basics Webinar: Materiality

  Wednesday 22 May 2019
  12:30pm to 1:15pm

We are living in a material world

What are the most important issues for your business? Are they different from those of your external stakeholders? How do you balance the two? Join us as we explore the concept of materiality, how it can be used to inform strategy, and its role in a business’s alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Rob Perry (Manager, Sustainable Leadership, SBC) will introduce the concept, including how it goes beyond reporting, before handing over to Barbara Nebel (CEO, thinkstep) who will look at the key dimensions of materiality assessment and its link to the SDGs.  Lisa Martin (GM Sustainability, Sanford) will then discuss putting the process into practice – and what she’s learned along the way. 

This webinar is aimed at sustainability managers, who will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of what materiality is and its business value
  • Knowledge of the links between SDGs and materiality assessment

An insight into to how to identify and engage with their key stakeholder groups, and into best practice to incorporate into their own materiality assessment.

This event is open to SBC members only. Contact us to register your attendance.