Brilliant Basics Webinar: Stakeholder Engagement

  Wednesday 10 Jul 2019
  1pm to 1:45pm

Engaging with your stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is one fundamental element of embedding sustainability across your business. From understanding what matters most to your stakeholder groups, to helping build strong partnerships, it can help inform strategy, planning and reporting.

But what does a good stakeholder engagement process look like? How do you identify and prioritise your stakeholder groups? And how do you make it meaningful?

Join co-presenters Saskia Verraes (Tourism Holdings Ltd), Caroline Thalund (Christchurch Airport) and Alison Herft (Sustainable Business Council) for this webinar that explores the basics of this topic, with practical tips on who to involve, when, and how.

This webinar is for sustainability managers and anyone at your business that has responsibilities for strategy, reporting and stakeholder engagement.

This event is open to SBC members only. Contact us to register your attendance.