Webinar: Good Life 2.0 Playbook NZ

  Thursday 27 Jun 2019
  10am to 10:45am

What living well looks and feels like to New Zealanders: Findings from the Good Life 2.0 Playbook NZ

In New Zealand and worldwide, there an increasing desire to shift away from excessive consumption towards smarter consumption. Living in a lower-impact way is no longer niche, it’s going mainstream.

But what do New Zealanders really think living well looks and feels like? And how can your brand reflect and enhance these values through its strategies and brand communications? Find out in this webinar about the Good Life 2.0 Playbook New Zealand, our major survey into New Zealander’s view on living well.

Learn how members are applying the Playbook data and hear the latest on global trends and emerging issues in the area of sustainable consumption.

Whether you missed the Playbook launch or just want to hear the latest news, we encourage anyone who's involved with your organisation's purpose, strategy, brand communications, customer experience and sustainability to participate in this webinar.

This event is open to SBC members only. Contact us to register your attendance.