Note to SBC members on new government

26 Oct 2017
Abbie Reynolds, SBC Executive Director

It’s true that a week (or even a day) is a long time in politics.

Since our last Pānui we have a new government who have already made major sustainability policy commitments.

In our pre-election consultation you told us that climate change was your number one priority.  And this government has already committed us to being net zero emissions by 2050. They have also said they will implement carbon budgets and a climate commission.

You also told us that you wanted to see government invest in NZ Inc, and now there has been an announcement to increase the Department of Conservation's budget.

The offer we made in our Pre-election briefing was that business wants to work with government - to make our sustainability ambitions real.  We recommended that they use the Sustainable Development Goals to provide a framework to do that, so we’re pleased to see that has been picked up.

If you want more detail about the new policy commitments take a look  here at NZ First's Coalition Agreement, and here at the Greens' Confidence and Supply Agreement.