Businesses take action on climate change: the time for economic opportunity is now!

11 Dec 2017
Kate Alcock, Climate and Resources Manager

Visit the Platform for Action on Climate and Emissions

Today marks two years since the Paris Agreement was adopted by 196 countries, committing to reduce emissions and keep global warming within two degrees.

To mark this anniversary, SBC and a number of high profile New Zealand businesses and organisations have collaborated to launch the Platform for Action on Climate Change and Emissions (PACE) website.

PACE aims to support and inspire businesses to tackle climate change and reduce their emissions, providing information and resources on how to measure, set targets and make savings. It’s a great resource for people wanting to find out more about the many private-sector projects and collaborations on climate change already underway.

In the two years since the Paris Agreement, many businesses around the world have commenced deep decarbonisation pathways. In New Zealand, many businesses have also stepped up their work to reduce emissions.  Recently at the Climate Change COP23 Conference in Germany, Air New Zealand and Mercury signed up to the EV100 campaign, committing to transition their fleets to electric vehicles by 2030. Other businesses have been collaborating on emission reductions projects, including low carbon transport, energy management and networking, which encourages others to undertake carbon management accreditations.

The businesses and organisations involved in PACE’s development include: Z Energy, Mercury, The Warehouse, Sanford, Enviro-Mark Solutions, EY, Downer, EECA and BRANZ.

Greg Nelson is The Warehouse’s general manager for environmental initiatives and says, “It’s important that every business feels empowered to take action – and we believe PACE will make this easy as it contains so much guidance in one place”.

Tina Frew, is Z Energy’s biofuels strategy manager and says, “Working together has been crucial to help us share information and implement changes that save emissions more quickly”.

Another contributor, Josephine Rudkin-Binks from Enviro-Mark Solutions, says, “We also felt it was important to connect with other organisations doing great things – business alone is not enough to tackle such a big issue.”

Action on climate change provides a great opportunity for businesses to increase their economic performance, as well as the economic performance of New Zealand as a whole.

EECA account manager, Chris Thurston, says, “Businesses use more than 55% of New Zealand’s energy-related CO2 emissions (excluding transport)”.

“Many Kiwi businesses could have up to 20 per cent off their energy costs – with the potential energy efficiency savings adding up to $900 million a year, across all New Zealand businesses.”

The Climate Action groups involved encourage you to check out PACE today, get some inspiration, and get those savings and benefits underway!

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