Hiring young people - good for your business and your community

21 Aug 2018
Jody Hamilton, JMP Consulting

Excluded and disadvantaged young people in New Zealand are facing major challenges in finding and keeping jobs, while at the same time key industries are predicting major labour shortages in the coming decade.

How can we as employers and businesses help address this? We can start by hiring young people in our own businesses. Aside from the broader community benefits of reduced crime, social and economic participation and increased local spending, there are clear business drivers to hire young people. For a start they future proof your workforce and allow you to put in place succession plans, they offer fresh perspectives and insights and are agile and adaptable workers who can respond well to change in your business.  

However intention is one thing, delivery is another. Many of us as business owners and employers want to do the right thing and hire young people but aren’t sure where to start. How do we make our business a place they want to work? Where do we find them? What do we pay them? What other factors do we need to consider?

Through its Social Impact project, SBC has developed a Youth Recruitment and Employment Toolkit that answers these questions and more. Most importantly, all of this information is available in one place.   It uses a checklist format which outlines process and resources an employer can consider when looking to hire a young person.  It includes a range of topics such as advertisements, wage subsidies, employment relations and more.

Be part of making the change that you want to see in our communities –  start by hiring even one young person and learn with them along the way.

For more information about the Social Impact programme, contact: Robert Perry