Brewing a better New Zealand

28 Oct 2020
Kate Ferguson, SBC Climate Programme Manager

“We are all on a journey where we can learn from each other to make a difference”

That’s the intent of SBC’s new ‘showcase’ series for members, which launched with an inspirational session with DB’s Managing Director, Peter Simons, and Sustainability Manager, Rosie Cotter.

Sustainability is a business foundation for DB, who use the three pillars of people, planet and prosperity to shape their approach. Their approach is comprehensive, and in their showcase they covered what sustainability means for their operations, how it’s being embedded, what it means for their people and communities and how they have been able to collaborate with suppliers to deliver a world first – a 90% recycled clear bottle.

SBC has recently launched our new vision, a New Zealand where business, people and nature thrive together. The three strategic pillars that underpin this are Leadership, Thriving People and Climate Action. DB offered us a deep dive on their climate action work. They have proved that bold targets are challenging but achievable, having delivered a 47% reduction in emissions from production over ten years (kgCO2e/hl). Plus an additional 11% reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions since 2018 through addressing refrigerant losses and focusing on energy efficiency and continuous improvement processes. DB has proven that small gains really do add up.

Their next opportunities require greater investment, but the work is underway. They will switch out coal for woody residue biomass at their Timaru site next year, and have just started to scope alternatives for the natural gas being used at Waitemata. And the changing out of LPG to electric forklifts in 2021 will have the added benefit of providing the people on site with real, tangible demonstrations of initiatives that drive emissions down.

And emissions in the value chain is a material focus, with scope 3 emissions making up around 10 times that of scope 1 and 2 combined. A collaboration with Visy (formerly OI-NZ) to produce 10 million DB Export bottles from 90% recycled content delivered a saving of 800 tones CO2e. This has been a great pilot for both parties to identify what’s achievable and has relied on the shared values, strong relationship, shared drive and good communication throughout the process to bring it to fruition.

It takes strong leaders like Peter and Rosie to bring these outcomes about. With this showcase series we look forward to bringing you more direct access to their insights, experiences and energy.

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Kate Alcock, Manager Climate, SBC