Sustainability Radio - Episode Eleven

6 May 2020
Sustainable Business Council

Mike Burrell, Executive Director, SBC - 7 May Update

Mike Burrell, Executive Director, talks about how members are helping New Zealand during Covid-19, how members are adapting to the new normal, and how we can identify what will be important to New Zealanders during the recovery.

Becky Lloyd, CEO, Toitū Envirocare

In the first of our member profiles, Dane Ambler talks to Becky Lloyd, CEO of Toitū Envirocare about how the lockdown has changed what they do, and what the priorities should be to make sure we keep emissions down for the recovery. This will be the first of an ongoing series where we get to know what members are working on and find out more about how they approach sustainability topics like leadership, the future of work and the SDGs.

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