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The latest blogs and commentaries from SBC staff and members about sustainability trends in business.

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What does the future of work hold?

At our Annual Council Meeting in August, SBC invited four business leaders to take part in a panel discussion on the future of work.

Hiring young people - good for your business and your community

Excluded and disadvantaged young people in New Zealand are facing major challenges in finding and keeping jobs, while at the same time key industries are predicting major labour shortages in...

Getting above the line to effective leadership

SBC’s 2018 Sustainable Leadership programme kicked off with an insightful, challenging and truly inspiring session in Auckland earlier this month.

Leadership in a changing world: 2018 Sustainability Leaders Programme

SBC and Catapult are thrilled to launch 2018’s Sustainability Leaders Programme (SLP2018) also titled leadership in a changing world next week.

Guest Blog - Sustainability - A retrospective

A guest blog from one of SBC’s original members, Geoff Bennett, CEO of Energy & Technical Services

What's on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's agenda

SBC's executive director, Abbie Reynolds, reflects on the big issues affecting sustainable business councils worldwide.

Science-based targets 101: Get a head start on target setting

At SBC we've noticed since early 2017 that many of our member businesses are setting emissions reduction targets to 2030, 2040 and even 2050.

Watch - Carbon and the Sustainable Development Goals agenda

Abbie Reynolds learns that natural carbon sinks, such as forestry and wetlands, hold huge potential to help New Zealand and the world transition to a low emissions economy, at the...

Watch - WBCSD's top issues to tackle

At the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's Liaison Delegate Meeting last week, Peter Bakker predicted some of the big trends for sustainability professionals will be: The cost of capital, future of...

Watch - what are sustainable business councils worldwide tackling?

Sustainable Business Councils around the world are grappling with the same sustainability issues as we are, here in New Zealand. Abbie Reynolds reports back from Switzerland.