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Terra Moana Ltd

Terra Moana

Terra Moana Ltd (TML) has been established to build NZ Capacity in natural capital and ecosystem service assessment and management recognising this requires inter-disciplinary thinking and stakeholder engagement.

TML is a unique partnership between Tony Craig, a seafood industry professional with over 28 years in the New Zealand seafood sector and Katherine Short, a conservation NGO advocate of 20 years, in sustainable seafood globally.

TML and SBCs missions align and we believe we can bring value to SBC in supporting credible NGO collaboration, and sustainable transformation through corporate partnership growth, especially in marine sector industries.

Katherine and Tony deeply believe that the future success of sustainability of New Zealand Inc. internationally and domestically lies in underpinning our clean green claim with credible, transparent assurances and action. To do this, requires understanding our business proposition and place in the world, in an entirely new way. We believe that is through the use of natural capital and ecosystem service assessment and so business can;

  • better understand sustainable transformation,
  • make the transition through a planned and evolutionary approach,
  • improve performance and reduce environmental footprint,
  • more easily measure progress and business benefit, and,
  • achieve societal permission to operate.