Climate Action

Accelerating the transition to a zero carbon future where people and nature thrive.

Current areas of work

Our vision

Our members have led the way in setting emissions reduction targets and undertaking carbon management programmes. They recognise that climate change is interconnected with many other environmental and social sustainability issues. In 2018, leading CEOs committed to climate action worked with SBC to establish the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC). Signatories are committed to New Zealand reaching the ambitions set in the Zero Carbon Act and the Paris Agreement. They are measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions, setting a public emissions reduction, and
working with suppliers to reduce their emissions.

From 2020, CLC and SBC have aligned their strategies to maximise impact, while maintaining their own distinct identities and purpose. SBC works with members to promote business leadership and act on climate change, seeking alignment with the CLC and formalising our role as the secretariat to the Coalition. This includes enabling members to measure, report on, and reduce their emissions, particularly on New Zealand’s key transition opportunities. We also support our members to build the resilience to adapt to a changing climate.

We recognise that to rebuild a healthy planet, we must restore nature, including biodiversity, water eco-systems, forests and soil. This is particularly critical in New Zealand, as so much of our economic success relies on nature, including agriculture. We deliver a platform for members to collaborate with each other and with partner organisations on wider environmental sustainability issues.

As New Zealand introduces national carbon budgets, we will work with government to ensure business continues to shape a shared plan to transition New Zealand to a zero carbon economy. This includes ensuring we leverage positive climate outcomes from the post Covid-19 economic recovery.

The transition to a zero carbon economy will require action across a broad range of sectors, including transport, industrial heat, electricity, agriculture, forestry, waste, and water. Transition will be underpinned by the financial and insurance sectors. We will work with our members to prioritise actions across these areas, recognising that they are interrelated and will require both intra-sector and cross-sector approaches.


  • SBC members and CLC signatories are collectively demonstrating meaningful progress to reducing emissions, leading out on the ambition set out in the Zero Carbon Act; and
  • SBC members are collaborating to enact sector pathways that enable the transition to a zero carbon economy.