Consumer Decision-Making

SBC is working with businesses to identify how to get a better understanding of consumer behaviour and how to interact with consumers in a credible way.

SBC's early work on consumer decision-making shows that consumers want  business to make it easy for them to do the right thing. And it indicated that if  businesses want to build trust, they must tell an authentic story.

To build on these insights, SBC has curated a series of events to showcase the latest research on consumer behaviour and trends in New Zealand. We have heard from a wide range of experts, who've challenged our assumptions about what consumers are thinking and doing in 2017.

Building trust

SBC research and guest speakers have told us trust is the most important driver of reputation.

It can be built if companies focus on transparency, credibility and reliability. They warned us that companies lose trust if customers think they are pushing their own agenda, over the interests of consumers.

We also learnt about the difference in consumer attitudes between generations. Millennials (also known as Generation Y) expect businesses to be more transparent on issues like sustainability and the treatment of their staff and communities.

In Good Company

The findings of the In Good Company report (Nov 2019) demonstrate that sustainability is not just something they care about when making a purchase, but it is contributing to how they choose what to buy.

Commissioned by the Sustainable Business Council, Porter Novelli and Perceptive, the findings reveal how New Zealanders assess the sustainability of brands and showcases where there are significant opportunities for business leadership.

Good Life 2.0 Playbook

SBC has developed a New Zealand version of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's 'Good Life 2.0' playbook (Mar 2019). We want to use this ground-breaking document to help New Zealand businesses inspire their customers to live a life that is more sustainable and rewarding.

The playbook is not designed to help companies sell sustainability measures or products – but rather rethink the picture of the world they paint in their advertising.

What's New

In Good Company - released November 2019

Jemma Whiten, Director of marketing, digital and sustainability projects, ecostore, went to the Sustainable Brands conference in Seoul and talked to Alison Herft about some of her key takeaways. Read more.

Sarah Bolger, Head of Colmar Brunton, talks about what has changed in consumer attitudes to sustainability over the 10 years that Colmar Brunton has been conducting the Better Futures survey, and what businesses can learn from these changes.

Alison Herft, Manager, Members and Consumer Programme reports back from the Sustainable Brands conference 2019

The Good Life 2.0 Playbook - released March 2019

Colmar Brunton Better Futures Report - released February 2019