Future of Work

The Future of Work presents an opportunity to develop work, in ways that not only enhance productivity, and create value, but also enable people to thrive and prosper in the new realities of work.

Are you equipped to thrive in the new realities of work?

The nature of work is being profoundly reshaped by a number of powerful, inter-connected disruptive forces:

  • Emerging technologies such as AI, robotics and big data analytics
  • Shifting demographics and socio-economic polarisation;
  • Growing ‘pulls’ of increasingly empowered and connected global customers and talent markets;
  • Changing workforce expectations;
  • Transitioning to a sustainable, zero emissions economy.

It's all about people

These shifts will bring challenges for organisational leadership, business models and our workforces.  However, the Future of Work (FoW) signifies an opportunity to develop work, in ways that not only enhance productivity, and create value, but also enable people to thrive and prosper in the new realities of work.

How we prepare and manage the transitions involved will determine whether these opportunities are captured.

Businesses that put sustainability at their heart of their purpose, are committed to doing good for people as well as planet and profit. This responsibility calls for a strengthened social contract that goes beyond the wellbeing of employees, to managing the broader impacts on society of which they are a part.  How our members lead and navigate through these issues and the transitions involved will therefore be critical to maintaining and strengthening their social license to operate as well as holding themselves to higher ethical standards.

Hear about the latest NZ research on crucial issue and opportunities.

But what could the Future of Work look like in practice, and when will it arrive?

For some organisations such as Ports of Auckland, NZ Post, SKYCITY, Ngāi Tahu and Air New Zealand, the Future of Work is already here. Tony Gibson (Ports of Auckland) and other SBC members talked about developments at the FoW session at SBC’s Annual Council Meeting last year.

Our programme

We have been working with members to provide information, tools and other practical resources that support members:

  • Build understanding and strategic oversight of the critical issues facing business
  • Prepare, manage and respond to the opportunities and risks associated with the changing nature of work
  • Showcasing leadership – We are developing a library of case studies to demonstrate how our member organisations are preparing for the FoW.
  • Develop a collective business voice on key emerging issues and to help shape and drive a positive, inclusive FoW.
  • Drive collaborative action to scale-up innovative solutions to drive systemic change

How you can get involved

  • Tell us if you have stories that you would like to share with other members that demonstrate how our your organisations are preparing for the FoW.
  • Let us know if you are engaged in collaborations or pilots that could be scaled up through SBC’s membership network.
  • Let us know if you would like to collaborate with us and other SBC members on specific FoW issues and their solutions

Please contact Robert Perry (Manager, Sustainability Leadership).


The latest report from SBC provides important information on the key issues facing business.  It also acts as a primer by setting out key questions to help directors and executives build oversight and to prepare for the FoW and to prosper by generating inclusive and sustainable growth and development.