Sustainable Leadership

We help our members lead sustainability with confidence, and to lift their environmental, social and governance performance and reporting practices.
Focus will be placed on current and emerging leadership trends, issues, tools and global best practice for sustainable business.

The Business Case for Sustainability

Leading New Zealand businesses put sustainability at their core, to reduce costs, minimise risk, build trust and drive growth.

Our Sustainable Leadership programme is focused on three priority areas:

Good Governance and Reporting

Increasing expectations from investors and consumers mean that businesses must show more transparency around their performance and their impact on society. Members tell us that reporting on non-financial performance is one of their top emerging issues.

This workstream is looking at how ESG risk management, performance and non-financial reporting practices can be better valued and integrated into the DNA of business to help ensure long term growth and profitability, and value creation. Unlocking these opportunities has been at the heart of our work with CEOs, directors, and regulatory and advisory bodies to help businesses improve ESG performance and disclosure, and integrate sustainability into corporate governance. Through our Member Review process we provide one-to-one feedback to many of our members on their non-financial reporting, and continue to see improvements across the board.

SBC and BusinessNZ are working together to develop and test a mainstreaming model.

Building Leadership capability

Sustainability Leadership Programme

Our Sustainability Leadership Programme has been developed specifically for senior business leaders and managers, with accountability for sustainability outcomes and leadership.

Today’s business leaders need a very different skillset to push the boundaries of sustainability to drive high levels of performance, productivity and value creation amid increasing complexity and uncertainty. This requires transformational strategic thinking, creativity, innovation and personal resilience. They will also need to shape cross-sectoral collaborations at a scale never seen before, and at times involving cooperation amongst competitors.

The Sustainability Leadership programme will help deliver some of these critical skills and thinking that businesses need to navigate these complex issues and to mobilise collaborative action to drive systemic change.

The programme is delivered in a series of workshops over a three month period. Applications for the 2020 programme are now open.

Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and learnings with a cohort of other leading change agents from across SBC’s membership. They will be able to test and develop their ideas with experienced, peers as well as apply new skills, ideas and learnings to live projects.

Future Leaders Programme

The Future Leaders Programme aims to develop future business leaders, who understand sustainability challenges within their companies and wider society.

The 2017 Future Leaders Programme focused on mobilising action on the Sustainable Development Goals, and how they could be integrated into company strategies and actions.

SBC is focused on fostering great leaders who take action and increase their influence amongst peers, suppliers and customers. We are also encouraging leaders to work together, to make ambitious commitments that will limit global warming.

Building Organisational Capability

This programme helps business stay to ahead of the curve on emerging issues and good practice and building organizational capability to embed sustainable business practices into core business strategy and operations.

Current projects include:

He aha te kai ō te rangatira? He Kōrero, he kōrero, he kōrero.

What is the food of the leader? It is knowledge. It is communication.