The Business Case for Sustainability

11 Oct 2016
Sustainable Business Council

The 'business case for sustainability' is as important as ever to businesses making the case for sustainability to stakeholders from inside and outside their organisation.

The Business Case for Sustainability summary report draws on the latest thinking internationally and the experience of a range of over 50 business leaders in New Zealand on how we think about sustainability and some of the drivers behind the shift towards more sustainable business practices.

The report is intended to be used by business leaders, sustainability champions and other advocates of sustainable businesses. It aims to:

  • Build a stronger understanding of what the term sustainability means for business and what a sustainable business looks like
  • Create a common language of the business case for sustainability
  • Support business leaders to better understand and communicate with others why sustainability is important within a business context now and in the future
  • Provide a tool for influencing within businesses and externally to support conversations with other stakeholders including community groups, government and other institutions about the direction of travel for business.

See the Business Case for Sustainability summary report here

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