Colmar Brunton Better Futures launch

12 Feb 2019
Sustainable Business Council

The Colmar Brunton Better Futures report has important insights on what New Zealanders think about social and environmental issues. The 2018 report was launched in February 2019. Read the media release.

Highlights from the launch

Full videos

Sarah Bolger, Head of Colmar Brunton and Edward Langley, Group Account Director, Colmar Brunton talk about the insights from the report.

Abbie Reynolds, Executive Director, Sustainable Business Council talks about what the report insights mean for business.

Francesca Lipscombe, General Manager, New Zealand Eco Labelling Trust talks about how businesses can help consumers do the right thing.

The speakers participated in a panel discussion after the main presentations.

And Janisa Parag, Head of Strategy and Planning at True, looks at what these insights mean for business.