Thriving People

A fair, equitable, and inclusive transition to a low emissions, climate resilient economy

Our vision

The best businesses are good for people, planet and prosperity. This requires businesses to support the inclusion, sense of belonging and wellbeing of their employees, and to positively impact their communities and broader society.

Social inequality and climate change have been described as the two most critical issues we face globally. At SBC, our climate action work co-exists with our Thriving People work programme, to support a fair, equitable and inclusive transition to a low emissions, climate resilient future where business, people and nature thrive together.

It is within the context of this ‘Just Transition’ that SBC has a unique role to support Thriving People.

What is a Just Transition?

Our members have a shared vision that puts people at the heart of what we do, so that business and communities thrive in this rapidly changing world.

We have set an ambition for a thriving world of work that is inclusive and sustainable. We want people to thrive – personally, professionally, and as active members of society. The principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi are integral to this, as is business fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring no one is left behind, including in accessing learning and development opportunities.

We work to provide solutions that support business to ensure that they remain in tune with the needs, goals, and aspirations of society against the backdrop of this rapidly evolving landscape. We showcase leadership, collaborate where shared ambition exists, and empower members to take strategic approaches to shape our changing society and economy.

We recognise that the government’s policy decisions will affect the demand for, and nature of, work. We work with BusinessNZ and government to ensure policy settings enable our members to bring their communities and people with them as we transition towards a fair and equitable zero carbon economy.

Making it happen

Current areas of work:

Lifting the living standards of Aotearoa (3 part series)

Completed areas of work:

Moving Beyond Diversity – Creating Workplaces of Belonging. SBC members are integrating ways of working that support greater diversity and inclusion within their businesses and reporting progress transparently

Social Impact - SBC members are collectively increasing their positive impact on the communities in which they work and are measuring this.

Future of Work - SBC members are preparing to create meaningful work in a changing economy.

Thriving People Thriving Voices

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